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Family Discovers a Treehouse On Their Property But It Takes a Weird Turn

There's something in the woods.

A family driving through their property near Bureau of Land Management mountain woods in Oregon were taking a video of a treehouse they found when something much more unexpected, and far creepier showed up.


In the video, you can clearly see a cloaked, hooded figure in black lurking near the trees. It seems to move from tree to tree in a sort of dance, before sinking to the ground. The only question is, what is it? Commenters are torn. A LARPer? A Dementor? The Grim Reaper? A few folks versed in the folklore of the Pacific Northwest have another theory: the creature on the video is known as a “hidebehind.”

Hidebehinds are creatures out of nineteenth century logging folklore. Their appearance is not well-known, due to their nature of, you know, hiding behind things, but were described as being dark, humanoid, and wraithlike, with long, vicious fingernails used to eviscerate the victims they would sneak up behind in the forest. Conveniently for nineteenth century lumberjacks, they hated the smell of alcohol, so tying one on was plenty to keep the monsters at bay.

In subsequent videos, TiToker CarolLeAnn slows down and provides screenshots of the video showing that whatever this thing is, it does have long gray fingernails, which ties in nicely to the hidebehind identification.

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To the skeptics out there, I’d ask: what are the chances that someone is dressing up like an obscure folkloric creature in order to scare a family away from a broken-down treehouse? Best stock up on the cocktails, CarolLeAnn!

And watch your back. 

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