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Have You Made a Holly Entry in Your Grimoire for Yule This Season?

Scrapbooking, but for witches.

This witch has a quick and easy way to keep your grimoire updated by using a scrapbook style to document magical herbs and plants she wishes to remember for reference. Holly is a plant traditionally associated with Yule time and is a common ingredient for ancient and modern witches alike, so she shows her beautiful entry on this fascinating holiday plant.  

First she uses a standard glue stick to place a scrapbook paper background of holly leaves on the left hand page. On top of that she glues a printout of the information about holly with a small graphic. On the right hand side, she glues some torn craft paper and then decorates the corners with holly themed gift tags and stickers. She then writes some notes by hand on the remaining exposed craft paper.

Holly has been considered a sacred plant with evergreen leaves that brightens up this dark time of year. Many believed it had properties that protect from lightening and witchcraft, which often caused it to be planted near gates or as hedges. The leaves and berries are poisonous so should never be ingested. The leaves work well in protective magic due to their prickly points and were often called “bat wings” in the secret code of medieval witchcraft

Grimoires don't always have to be musty old tomes of leather, they can be small modern scrapbooks too! 

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