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Five Superstitions to Keep in Mind This Holiday Season

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The winter season is filled with traditions, religious celebrations, and folklore, so we should not be surprised that it is also filled with superstitions. From kissing under the mistletoe to eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day, there are many time-honored superstitions that center around the holiday season. Some you may already be familiar with and some might be new to you. Have you heard of any of these superstitions, and are they ones that you believe in?

The video below breaks down several superstitions and beliefs from a variety of communities that you might want to think about as you hold your own holiday celebrations.

1: Be careful when you are gifting presents this Christmas. You may be bringing on an unexpected result. One superstitions states that if you gift your partner a watch, your time together is ticking away.

2. A fork can help predict unexpected guests. Another popular superstitions says that if you’re setting the table or washing up after a holiday meal and you drop a utensil on the floor, unexpected company is coming from the direction in which the spoon, fork, etc. is facing.

3. Be wary of inviting spirits in (unless, of course, it’s Santa). If you hear a knock at the door but there’s no one there, it’s a spirit. If you open the door to it, you have invited it in.

4. Are people gossiping about you? One superstitions states that if you hear a ringing in your ears, and repeat the names of friends and family, the one you are saying when the ringing stops is talking about you somewhere.

5. And finally, do not wash your clothes on New Year’sDay, or you’ll wash all your good luck away.

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