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Secret Post-Credits Scene for Hocus Pocus 2 Holds Hidden Message

A lot of people missed this one.

The film Hocus Pocus is a beloved nostalgia piece for the millennial generation, and now that those kids are grown up and having kids of their own, it makes sense that Disney has debuted a sequel this Halloween season. Hocus Pocus 2 brings back the evil Sanderson Sisters, a trio of singing witches from seventeenth century Salem, Massachusetts, who can come back to life and terrorize the town in their quest to consume the souls of children whenever a “black flame candle” is lit on Halloween night.

Once again, it’s up to some plucky modern Salem teens to defeat the witches—although in this film, they must do it without the real start of the show: cursed talking black cat Thackery Binx. However, there is a nod to Thackery in the secret post-credits sequence. Did you catch it?


In this video, which reveals the post-credits sequence at the end of Hocus Pocus 2, we see the magic shop cat, Cobweb, walking among the bits and bobs that make up the store’s storage room. The animals leaps up behind a box marked “B.F Candle #2.”

Savvy viewers will guess that this stands for “Black Flame Candle #2.” In the film, the black flame candle is the only thing that is capable of drawing the witches back from the netherworld. If another one exists, then maybe there is room in this story for another entry, a Hocus Pocus 3.

What do you think? Are they teasing further stories in this beloved universe, and does the world need more peril from the Sandersons?