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Hikers "Lured" Off Path in Woods See a Transparent Thing Hunting Them

They barely escaped to tell the tale

Reddit is filled with wild stories, and this one is no different. A group of hikers in San Bernardino National Forest went off trail during a hike when the leader of their group thought she heard a woman calling out in distress (though none of the other hikers did). They quickly became disoriented, losing track of where they were, as well as experiencing dizziness and other strange sensations. Hopelessly lost as night set in, one hiker was shocked to discover some thing climbing in the tree above her head. It was human-shaped, but oddly transparent, like “heat waves on a pavement” and they watched it for several minutes before noticing that all other sounds in the forest had stopped. When it began climbing again, they decided to get out of there, and were shocked to discover they were right back on the trail within minutes! You can read all the gory details below. 

Was it aliens? Bigfoot? Some kind of weird forest spirit? Or is it possible that what we think of as these disparate sorts of experiences are, in fact, the same thing after all? Maybe UFOs aren’t from outer space, but are from some sort advanced or supernatural terrestrial group. Perhaps the reason that both UFOs and Bigfoot-like creatures are so difficult to both spot and photograph is because they, too, have these invisibility or cloaking capabilities. And maybe these strange things that folks find in the woods, the creatures no one has seen and the voices that no one should respond to, are all part of this same, massive unknown.

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