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Washington Highway Camera May Have Caught Footage of Bigfoot

Does Sasquatch hitchhike?

“Kicking off 2023 with some amazing Bigfoot footage,” exclaims TikToker Myra, who loves the paranormal. The clip she proceeds to show “comes straight” from a Washington state traffic camera poised above 1-90 East, and appears to show a giant, hairy upright figure striding purposefully through the snow on a wildlife bridge near Snoqualmie Pass. Its steps are long, its back is straight, and it definitely does not look totally human.

So what’s going on?

Believe it or not, this is not the first time for one of these highway cameras to supposedly catch sight of the big guy. The clip in question is not from 2023, or anywhere near it. It was actually first tweeted by the official Snolqualmie Pass Twitter account three years ago, in January of 2020.

This tweet seems to be a response to a post from a few days earlier from the Washington State Department of Transportation, which made headlines with a still image from a traffic camera of a Bigfoot-like shadow near a tree on Sherman Pass. This earlier creature appears, however, to be a “cutout” of a Sasquatch put there for someone’s amusement.

So is it nothing more than a bunch of government employees bored in the winter? Trying to raise awareness of traffic cameras in general? Or is Bigfoot out for a stroll in the snow?

I used to think that all sightings of Bigfoot had to have a story behind them. After all, people surely don’t have enough time on their hands to go around faking stuff like that, right? But maybe I was mistaken. In these days of social media clout, it seems like folks will do anything for a reaction.

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