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Mindblowing Technique For Getting Messages from a Higher Power in Your Dreams

Be careful, it's intense.

“Don’t try this unless you’re ready,” warns intuitive and energy healer Oliver Niño, better known to his fans as “the spiritual activator.” Using a combination of intention setting and chakra activation, Niño lays out a plan for asking your own personal higher power for guidance…and getting it.


In the video, Niño recommends doing the following for three nights in a row in order to manifest the energy needed to connect to your higher power. First, you massage the following two chakras: the crown chakra (at the crown of your head), which is the seat of divine wisdom and will allow knowledge to flow; and the third eye chakra (middle of forehead), which allow you to “access” other realms. Second, after massaging for about a minute, set your intention or pray to your own version of a higher power, saying you are ready to receive this guidance. You can also meditate on the concept of abundance or your wish to learn more about your true purpose. Then, just go to sleep. Niño says that if you do this for three nights straight, it will “change your life.”

Niño believes that this method will help you connect to a higher power in your sleep, though this might take many forms. Maybe it’s a message from God, or a lucid dream in which you are the key to unlocking the mysteries of your life. Maybe you will even astral project out of your body (that last one sounds like…a lot).

Viewers advise in comments to make sure to ask for protection from your higher power before attempting, as some report having had terrifying experiences while astral projecting. Hey, he said don’t try it unless you’re ready. 

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