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People Suspect Bigfoot Built This Hidden Structure

They also found elk remains.

Humboldt County in California has long been rumored to be a hotbed of sasquatch activity and this man believes he has found the remains of secret lodgings of bigfoot creatures that roam the area. This structure is built from dried wooden logs that the man claims are driftwood pieces when inspected closely. The strange rudimentary cabin is mostly collapsed and seems to be held up by a thick wooden tree-trunk sized log that is much larger than the other pieces used for construction. Nearby he finds skeletal remains of elk that he believes are also left behind by bigfoot.  

The man claims this area is not nearly as out in the open as it looks from this view and is actually hidden deep in an area where hunters are forbidden, so it can’t be the remains of a human built hunting cabin. He has also found other structures that resemble teepees, although they do not appear large enough to be for shelter.

Skeptics often wonder why we don’t find remains of sasquatch meals or of deceased specimens, but believers insist we do find evidence of meals but don’t examine them under the sort of scrutiny required to determine what killed them. The bones in this video show no clear cause of death, but something did clearly kill and eat it. As for finding a bigfoot after it died, it isn’t as surprising as it sounds. If we take it as accepted this creature would be at an endangered level of low population and that it seeks out areas in which to avoid human contact then it makes sense it has been so hard for people to find them even after death. Creatures such as bears are much more common and it is still unusual to find a deceased one out in the woods before it’s been scavenged and picked clean by nature.  

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