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Old Logging Legends Tell of the Hide-Behind Cryptid in Northern United States

Alcohol is said to keep it away.

Deep in the wild northern forests that span between America and Canada there are said to be dangerous creatures known as the “hidebehinds” that hunger for human prey. Loggers working the area would describe them as ferocious animals that stood over six feet tall but were so slender they could slip behind tree trunks as small as ten inches in diameter. It was said their bodies were covered with thick black pelts of long hair and they had a long curved tail. These fearsome beasts were said to move so swiftly it was impossible to tell if they were coming or going, and any attempt to look at them was made impossible as they would quickly hide behind a tree at first sign of a human glance. 

How loggers were able to describe the appearance of these cryptids when they always moved too fast or hid from sight has never been offered explanation, but they could also be heard making fiendish howls and demoniacal laughter. Some even believe they laughed as they disemboweled their prey with long claws that were said to do the job with a single swipe. Urban legends say the hidebehind’s favorite snack is human intestines and they prefer their victims alive while devouring them.

How did loggers protect themselves from these unidentifiable creatures? Alcohol, obviously! Legends say the hidebehinds are so repulsed by alcohol that they will even avoid people who have merely consumed it. Skeptics say this was a thinly veiled excuse for woodsmen to drink on the job or to explain their lack of productivity.

This northern wilderness was rumored to be home to many cryptids and other fearsome things that could waylay pioneers and explorers, sometimes being blamed for their disappearances. Due similarly large and hairy demeanors, as well as overlapping habitats, hidebehinds and bigfoot sightings were easily conflated which cause some to believe reported bigfoot attacks could be misidentified hidebehinds.  

Bigfoot and sasquatch interactions are most often considered non-threatening, with one such tale coming from the region by a man who claims to have been kidnapped by a family of these gentle giants. While he was not harmed during the six days he claims he was kept captive, he was also not allowed to leave and eventually escaped by convincing his cryptid “guard” to try a box of snuff he had on his person which made the adult male groggy enough that the man was able to flee. 

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