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Toddler Plays Hide and Seek with Ghost in Brand New House

"I find her!"

Some folks are determined to see the potential for ghosts wherever they go. Was that a shadow in the corner? Yes, probably. There are shadows in corners. Lights do flicker. Sometimes, there are bumps in the night.

And sometimes, kids talk to nothing at all. Take this sweet child, who appears to be having quite a rollicking game with an imaginary friend. Except his mom is pretty certain there’s something more to it. 


In this video, a mother busy moving into her new house is convinced that her son has made friends with the resident ghost. It starts before they’ve even unpacked. The imaginative child claims he sees a monster, and the mother says, show me where, sending him up the stairs after the invisible (to her) creature.

Later, while she’s painting in the next room, she overhears him in conversation with something. “Oh God, no,” she intoned, worried, as, camera in tow, she rounds the corner to catch him playing hide-and-seek with whatever it was.

“I find her,” he insists, pointing toward a closet. “The monster.” Earlier, he had specified that the “monster” was blue. The room they are standing in is a lovely shade of freshly-painted blue.

Perhaps I should not be so skeptical. But this woman is seemingly creeped out by everything in her new house, from a spool of cable in the closet to a perfectly normal mirror the previous owners left behind. In another video, she talks about being scared at a conversation her son was having after bedtime about not being allowed toter his light back on to play, and when she went in to check it out, it turned out he was talking to his toy.

Is it an otherworldly being? For this woman’s sake, let’s hope it’s what I think it is: one super creative kid and his imaginary friend.