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“The Valley of the Headless Men” Is One of the Most Haunting and Mysterious Unexplored Regions in America

It all started with the Gold Rush...

Nobody knows why or how, but decapitated bodies have been found in Nahanni National Park for over a century. In 1908 two brothers went into the infamous valley in search of gold but went missing for two years before their bodies turned up beside the river but missing their heads - which were never recovered. Even stranger, it happened again with another prospector. And another. And another, eventually earning the area several nicknames centered around the headless theme.  

In the past century, forty-four people have gone missing in the valley only to turn up decapitated, with some also showing signs of having been burned alive. This corresponds with native lore from the Dene people who have inhabited the region long before colonization, who have oral histories warning of the vicious Naha tribe that dwelled in the area and who were said to have disappeared both suddenly and mysteriously. These tales grew along with the Klondike Gold Rush as explorers attempted to use the Nahanni as a route to the rumored locations of gold finds.

No significant amounts of gold were found in the region but legends grew of a lost mine that was supposed to have belonged to the decapitated brothers, located somewhere deep within the park. Expeditions into the area have revealed over 250 caves and caverns, some of which have included significant archaeological finds.

Access to the area is largely restricted to regulated air travel or entering by foot, and for safety purposes all visitors must register with park officials when entering the boundaries and de-register when leaving. This sort of isolation and lack of motor vehicular travel would create ideal conditions for a secret tribe to have remained hidden for so long, perhaps removing any unwary explorers who discover their locations.

Mining towns and prospecting routes have long been the focus of ghost tales, urban legends, and rumors of lost gold. Another example is Virginia City, Nevada which features places like the Bucket of Blood Saloon and many other remnants of the old west which many believe to be haunted by the ghosts of those lost along the way.  

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