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If You’re Seeing a Lot of Hawks Flying Around, It Could Mean Something

The universe could be trying to send you a message.

TKHawks have long been considered a spiritually powerful animal in a variety of cultures. Because hawks can be found on nearly eery continent on Earth, many cultures throughout history have developed their own sense of spiritual significance to this raptor.

For the Arawak Indians of South American and the Caribbean, hawks are messenger that travel between this world and the spirit realm. Hey are also messengers in Celtic, Norse, and many African traditions. For the Aboriginal Australians, a hawk brought fire to humans and taught them to hunt. For the ancient Egyptians, hawks and falcons are the symbols of the sun god Ra as well as Horus.

So what does it mean when the universe sends a hawk to you?


According to this TikTok witch, hawks do carry a spiritual message. “Those hawks that you are seeing are coming when you are emotional, angry, mad, scared—they have a message for you, they are telling you to listen to your soul and instincts.”

The symbolism of these creatures is one of bravery, independence, loyalty, far-sightedness, and self-reliance. Some also say that they are a reminder to look at things from a more distant perspective, as a hawk might, and try to see the whole picture.

She goes on to claim that if you are an Aries, a zodiac sign associated with the hawk, it is even more important to pay attention to these messengers in the skies.

And here I thought that seeing bunch of hawks means that we were near a field with a rodent colony.