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Haunted Train Tunnel In Ontario Home Of Terrible Tragedy

Learn of the spirits trapped within its stone walls...

The infamous “Blue Ghost Tunnel” of Ontario is an abandoned rail tunnel built beneath the Welland Canal. Officially, it is known as the Merritton Tunnel, but it has been closed for over a century. In fact, it is even walled off an often locked to prevent curious explorers and ghost hunters from traversing its dangerous, partly-flooded depths. Though over seven hundred feet long, the tunnel cannot be completely crossed now, as silt and wetlands have filled in its far end.

The tunnel is reportedly home to several spirits, including the “blue mist” that gave it its nickname. These ghosts haunt the spot thanks to the tragedy that once claimed their lives.


The tunnel is no stranger to death. During its construction, over one hundred seventy-five people were killed, including a fourteen year-old boy who was crushed by a rock. In 1903, when the tunnel was only being used occasionally, it was also the site of a deadly head-on collision, in which the firemen (the person responsible for tending the boiler of a steam engine) of both trains died. Their names were Charles Horning of Engine Number 4 and Abraham Desult from Engine Number 975.

In this video, the ghost hunter claims that she and her mother were able to capture these names by using a spirit box while in the tunnel. Perhaps the spirits that haunt this place are that of the train workers who gave their lives in the tunnel, or maybe they are only two of the ghosts who populate this eerie, abandoned site.