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Abandoned Town in Connecticut Is So Haunted They Had to Close It to the Public

A lot of eery things have happened.

On the outskirts of Cornwall, Connecticut there is a mysterious place known unofficially as Dudleytown, the forbidden entrance to the Dark Entry Forest and hotspot of rumored haunting activity. These ghost stories trace back to the 1800s but very few modern accounts are available because public access to the land is fastidiously denied, with trespassers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


The rumors surrounding Dudleytown largely focus on ghosts and curses, all of which are rejected by residents as well as the Cornwall Historical Society, but the verifiable facts leave many more unanswered questions about the enigmatic Dark Entry Forest. It is situated near the New York state border and runs contiguous to Wyantenock State Forest which is one of the least visited state forests and has little to no public access. 

The Dark Entry Forest parcel of land seems to have begun in the early 1900’s and has remained in possession of the Dark Entry Forest Association. In 2017 a representative of the DEF, Inc wrote a public letter in support of Senate Joint Resolution 39 “Resolution Approving an Amendment to the State Constitution to Protect Real Property Held or Controlled by the State” which appears to be asking for advance notification if the abutting Wyantenock State Forest were ever to sell, swap, or repurpose any of the state owned land.

The superficial explanation offered by DEF as to their use of the land is to maintain it as protected for things such as water quality, habitat protection of biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and research opportunities. The DEF maintains a position that Climate Change indicates we must preserve lands for resilience that are diverse both above and below ground, which begs the question: what is below the ground in Dudleytown and the rest of the Dark Entry Forest?

There are many warnings posted that trespassers into the privately owned lands of Dudleytown and the surrounding Dark Entry Forest will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which is odd for an undeveloped 750 acre plot of land contiguous to state forests and parks. Is this a ghost town or is the ghost town cover for something else?