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Poltergeist Moves Toy In Haunted School in Ohio

What is it doing?

As paranormal videos take off all over the internet and “ghost hunting” shows proliferate on cable, more and more people have gotten in on the supernatural action. They create their own ghost hunting teams and travel from abandoned school to abandoned asylum, from ghost town to haunted amusement park, and as many cemeteries as they can find—hoping to record something that will go viral online.

These ghost hunters are touring an abandoned school in Ohio when they claim a poltergeist starts moving toys in a classroom—but this video raises far more questions than it answers.


The supposed poltergeist activity took place at haunted school called Poattstown Elementary in Middletown, Ohio. Of note, this school is available to “rent” for overnight ghost hunting expeditions at a cost of three to four hundred dollars a night.

In the video, they set up a supposedly haunted doll —one of many cursed objects they have chosen to bring along on their visit— at the very tippy top of a child’s ride-on coaster. Then, they ask the ghosts in the room to move said doll.

Moments later, the coaster heads downhill.

Supposedly. Or maybe they jostled it. Or jumped on the floor. It doesn’t take a lot of movement to make a coaster perched at the top of an incline head back down, haunted doll or no.

I suppose if you’re spending hundreds of dollars to spend the night in this school, and, you’ve taken the trouble of arranging an entire toy aisle of a department store up on the shelves under the chalkboard, you want some activity for your trouble.

But this one strikes me as a stretch.