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Woman Describes What it's Like Working in a Haunted "Pioneer Village"

These guidelines keep everyone safe.

Ghost tourism is becoming more and more popular these days, such that many people are not only professional tour guides of historic places, but have actually been able to brand themselves as professional paranormal tour guides, who specialize in sharing the spooky and mystical stories of whatever place it is they work.

For this tour guide, who guides visitors through historic sights around Toronto, there are things she’s learned about her own particular “haunted pioneer village” that just make sense, and that she likes to share with anyone who comes to visit.


In the video, she explains the various guidelines she keeps to when taking her clients around her haunted pioneer village. These include things like

* Having to knock on the doors of the buildings before you go inside…out of respect.This is to warn the ghosts that she is coming, which can help alleviate any possible mischief. After all, you wouldn’t want someone to walk inside your house without knocking!

* The silence (it’s terrifying). Ever walk into a place that just feels…wrong? Where noises from the street unexpectedly vanish?Welcome to your haunted tour.

* The hole where “naughty children go.” This is a joke…isn’t it?

* Saying goodbye to the ghosts before you leave. Just as you shouldn’t walk out of a person’s house without taking your leave, you shouldn’t vamoose on a ghost without saying goodbye. That’s just manners.

* Having to tell a ghost story inside a church. Hey, she chose this line or work.

* The Reverend’s home that no one likes to go into… because of the shadow people who lurk inside…

Want to hear more? Check out her other videos, or, next time you’re in Canada, stop by for a tour.