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Forget Jack Frost, This Family Found a Haunted Nutcracker Outside Their Door

This is creepy!
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Though the Christmas holidays do not, at first glance, seem to be the time for spooky stuff, it’s important to remember that not all holiday magic is good holiday magic. After all, one of the most famous of all Christmas stories is about a team of ghosts who terrify an elderly gentleman nearly to death. And thus we should definitely be on the lookout for things about the holiday the care a tad on the creepy side. Haunted Christmas ornaments? Mistletoe poisonings? Real-life rat kings?

This family put up some beautiful yard decorations, only to discover one of them might be far more than it originally appeared.

In the video, which is taken from a porch camera, the large nutcracker figuring standing on guard at the front door…seems to come alive! In eerie time to the scary Christmas music, it slams around the corner, brandishing its inflatable sword in its hand.

Talk about freaky.

The person posting this, however, knows its just a joke. They claim the inflatable nutcracker came free from its security clips in a windstorm at about three a.m., resulting in this chilling clip.

Or maybe that’s what they want to believe. Because who wants a terrifying, six foot tall haunted soldier wandering their property in the middle of the night.

If you recall, the Nutcracker in the ballet is not really a nutcracker at all, but rather an enchanted prince whose soul is trapped in a toy, only to come alive one night. Maybe every nutcracker in the world, inflatable or otherwise, is similarly cursed?

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