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Ghost Hunters Claim Spirit Grabbed Them While Invesitgating Haunted Hospital

This is freaky.
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The Madison Seminary is a popular destination for would-be ghost hunters. Teams of paranormal investigators flock to the supposedly haunted former hospital and school, which was originally built in 1847. Many call it the most notorious haunted building in Ohio, and have supposedly identified some of the spirits who lurk within its halls.

When this team of researchers decided to stake out the place one night, they were expecting activity, but certainly got far more than they had anticipated.

In the video, two of the ghost hunters are hanging out on a lower floor, filming themselves discussing snacks of all thing when they are interrupted by the sounds of screams. Over their walkie-talkie, they hear cries for help. They take off, scaling stairs and running down halls in a mad rush to find their companions.

And when they do, it’s to hear a quick story about how one of them was “grabbed by an unseen force.” Before the video ends, they query whether it’s the supposedly “vicious” ghost of a surgeon who haunts that particular hallway.

I…have questions. Why were they filming themselves talking about energy rinks instead of participating in the ghost hunt? Why does most of the clip feature running frantically down hallways instead of interviewing the person who actually had the supernatural encounter? Is this the ghost-hunting equivalent of click bait?

Most likely, the real answer is that this format was the only way to make what was going on look exciting.

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