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Father Captures Ghostly Image That Seems Trapped in Mirror

Is it haunted?

It seems like an ordinary mirror in the hallway of a hotel when the small child walks up and starts waving to their reflection. It’s large with an ornate frame and hung from the wall too high for any but the top of the child’s head to show in the reflection. The father stands in the background, reflection seen using his phone to record the antics of his toddler exploring the mirror. The child turns around and puts their finger on the glass where their face can be seen and then turns away, as if losing interest - but something in the mirror seems to stay and stare just a little bit longer.  

When the video footage is slowed down and zoomed, it reveals the ghostly image of another small face continuing to look out from within the mirror while the toddler is clearly turned away. The transparent image of another face hangs on in the reflection even after the child has walked away before it appears to fade into a smoke and the video ends.

Superstitions caution that mirrors should be covered after a death and remain so until after the funeral. Some believe this folk custom is to prevent spirits from lingering or becoming trapped, although some tales say it is to prevent a curse of death upon the next person to see their own reflection in the mirror. 

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