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What it’s Like Growing Up on a Haunted Farm in Appalachia

Don't read this before bed!

A woman shares what it was like for her growing up on what she refers to as a “very haunted” farm in the Appalachian mountains. She describes the property as having a shed, two barns, and an old house her father grew up in. She claims weird occurrences have been happening to her family for three generations now. Her family didn’t keep these strange happenings a secret so it’s not surprising an amateur ghost hunting team heard the tales and wanted to come investigate. They brought a psychic along with equipment for detecting and monitoring spirit activity. The investigative team didn’t know any of the details of what had been happening, just that “weird” things had been occurring. 

The psychic immediately reported unpleasant vibes as soon as they turned down the driveway, and said the feeling worsened as they got closer to the farm. She looked through the house and declared there was an evil presence in the attic, a little boy in a back bedroom, and a woman in the kitchen near their medicine cabinet. This immediately shocked the family as the grandparents had always said the people who owned the farm before they bought it had a little boy who became sick with rabies.

The prior owners perhaps didn’t know what rabies was, had religious indoctrinations against it, or it simply could have been unavailable in time but the story goes they had to tie the little boy to the bed once the symptoms of paranoia, hallucinations, and violent attacks began to take hold. Rabies is a death sentence without the vaccine and it has to be administered before the virus reaches the brain because it isn’t a treatment and can only prevent the development if vaccinated quickly enough after exposure. As such, the little boy was not long for the mortal world. The woman believes this is the little boy the psychic sensed in one of the bedrooms.

Her grandfather would also speak of a woman’s spirit he would see, who was wearing a beautiful Victorian gown but would only be visible when looking in the mirror of the medicine cabinet in the kitchen - the very same place the psychic said a woman’s ghost was lingering. She also says her uncle’s bedroom was upstairs in the attic and he was always afraid of it, explaining the evil presence the psychic sensed from that area of the old house.

She also says the ghost hunters went to the barn and their pictures showed the back of the building had a black mass with a red center - in the same spot her papa swears he saw the devil himself. Pictures they took of the barn from a distance had seemed to show a red or black ring around the whole structure. She has tried to hunt down these pictures now that she is older but has been unable to do so.

Farms in the Appalachian mountains just aren’t like other farms, and have to deal with things like the Screaming Woods and creatures that wear the faces of others, or herds of pure white cows that disappear in the blink of an eye.

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