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Woman Goes Exploring On Haunted Family Farm and Things Get Immediately Creepy

Nope. Nope. Nope.

There are… things in Appalachia. Strange things, supernatural things. The land there is older than bones, and there are happenings that no one can quite explain, and have long since learned to just ignore. Apparently in Appalachia, there are rules to follow. If you are out in the wilderness and you see something strange, no you didn’t. If you hear something call your name, no you definitely didn’t.

The woman in this video knows the rules, which is why, when she hears something calling her name in the woods, she does not turn around. 


In the first video in the series, she’s ready to go ghost hunting other family farm when the spirits take the initiative and call out “hey.” But that’s not nearly so scary as what happens in the second video, when a ghost definitely not only calls her by her name, Morgan, but then decides to show up behind her.

Morgan explains that whatever this thing is, she has seen it before, It sometimes shows up in her home, looking exactly like her husband but never lets her see its face. In a slow motion video she shares, you actually get a full shot of….whatever it is, appearing out of nowhere on the film.

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Morgan claims that it was not her husband sneaking up behind her, and that, indeed, she didn’t even see the thing on the video when she first posted it, and it wasn’t until viewers pointed it out that she went back to look.

Maybe the farm isn’t the thing that’s haunted, Morgan. Maybe it’s you. 

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