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Family Believes Their "Elsa" Doll is Possessed By Spirits

They just can't "let it go."

I’m all for stories about haunted dolls. I’ve been down many a rabbit hole regarding the haunted “Annabelle” doll, who, like the doll in this story, is a mass-market, branded creation (in that case, 1970’s sensation Raggedy Ann). But this story of a supposedly “haunted” Elsa doll, which for some reason is national news, is sending up serious red flags. For more information on how “demonic” this doll, well, isn’t, see the following.

The most shocking events attributed to this doll is that the family tried to throw it away a couple of times without success and that instead of speaking English, it spoke…Spanish? What it’s saying Spanish is not even particularly… noteworthy. It’s just saying Elsa’s usual phrases from Frozen. I think declaring demonic attributes to a doll for what seems to be a faulty language chip is a bit of a stretch.

The fact that the doll kept coming back is a bit harder to explain. It’s possible the first time they tried, their kid found the toy in the trash and fished it out without telling them. As for the double-bagged, “watch the truck take it away” instance…I think someone is playing a prank on them.

When they finally offloaded this thing to their out-of-state pal, Chris Hogan, he pranked them by sending back photo of an empty box and pretending that the doll disappeared en route.

The doll did arrive at Hogan’s house, though, and remains in his possession, where it doesn’t seem to be causing trouble. Meanwhile, the Warrens, who were quite the pair of showmen, attributed enough supposedly fatal car accidents to the Annabelle doll that she got her own film series. So maybe what this haunted doll really needs is better PR.