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The Flamenco Dancing Dolls in this LA Restaurant Are Haunted

I mean, of course they are.

In the beloved animated movie series, Toy Story, dolls and toys have a life of their own. Cowboy doll Woody, space explorer doll Buzz, and all their many friends are not just pieces of cloth and plastic, but rather, soulful creatures who just want to be played with and loved. When you aren’t looking, they have touching friendships, wild adventures, even… unconventional romances? Most importantly, each entry into the series highlights the dark psychosis that seems to come over these beings when they aren’t played with, when they are forgotten in the bottom of a toy box, on a shelf, or, worst of all, when hey are put away behind the glass case of a shop or collector’s display. It’s cute, in fiction. But in real life? Maybe not so much.

And so it goes with the life led by the dolls in the display case of this hundred-year old restaurant in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. At El Cid, employees report that the flamenco dolls inside the case are far more than meets the eye. 


In the video, Tiktoker “spookyfoodie” describes the employees’ stories about the kind of shenanigans they’ve seen these haunted dolls get up too. One dolls supposedly “breathes” while a pair of flamenco dancers move between the shelves while no one is watching.

“This appeals to my spooky Spanish dancer heart,” relies one commenter, while another, clearly disturbed to hear about the creepy happenings at her favorite local restaurant, denies the entire story.