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Woman Stashes "Haunted Voodoo Doll" in Storage Unit, but She May Have Made a Big Mistake

BRB, I'm pitching this to Hollywood.
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Storage spaces are strange, liminal places. It’s little wonder that they have formed the backdrop of many a horror flick, from the trope-centered Self-Storage to the critically acclaimed Silence of the Lambs. I know whenever I visited my storage space, it was extremely necessary from to listen to funny audiobooks or podcasts at top volume, lest I freak myself out by imagining what could be hiding down all those dark corridors or behind every aluminum sliding door.

And perhaps I had good reason to be scared, if what this woman is putting in her storage space is anything to go by.

This TikToker regularly posts spooky fare together with her friends on this app. Recently, she acquired what is alternately described as a “voodoo doll” and as a “vintage acupuncturist model.” Basically, it’s a small wax figurine with pins stuck into it.

In the manner of “check out my spooky doll” TikToks, the woman subjects the doll (and her viewers) to all manner of tests, such as putting it up against an EMF meter to gauge the amount of spiritual activity it’s supposedly giving off as well as trying to translate its communiques through the use of a digital “spirit box.”

She and her friends also claim all kinds of ill effects have befallen them since bringing the object into their home, so eventually she chooses to sequester the item in her storage space, in a ring of salt, which supposedly traps the spiritual energy inside.

However… she messed up. In the video, as she closed the door of her storage space the rope handle on the door dragged across the salt, giving the doll a way to escape it crystalline prison, and terrorize the storage space.

Which is in L.A. Fair warning, California.

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