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Canadian Man Catches Haunted Dolls Rock a Chair Back and It’s So Eerie

Um, we think it might be time to ditch the dolls.

A Canadian TikToker documenting the strange things going on in her house has seen paranormal activity in her yard, her basement, and even her kitchen. In a recent move that her viewers found very controversial, she placed several dolls on a chair in the middle of her living room and left a camera on to see what would happen next. To almost no one’s surprise, the ghosts showed up. 


In the video, the woman’s husband is walking past the chair with a long plank when it appears to lean back on its legs. He comes into the room, looks shocked and starts to wave the plank behind the chair, as if trying to see if there’s a string or something holding it back. He finds nothing. Then, he calls for his wife. When the chair suddenly jerks forward, he startles, and hurries off.

In the comments, people are wildly skeptical of this video. Why would you tempt the spirits you believe are in the house with a chair full of dolls in the middle of the floor? What is the purpose of that? Why is thiamin conveniently walking past with a long plank in his hand, ready to debunk on the spot?

Well, if your stock in trade is haunted TikTok videos, you have to give the people the content they crave, even if it means leaving chairs in the middle of the floor. In a follow-up video, the woman explains she was trying to see if anything would happen, which is definitely how I make all my furniture arranging decisions as well.