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Haunted Doll Collector Ranks Her Collection From "Nicest to Meanest" can she be sure?

It takes a special kind of person to purposefully collected so-called “haunted dolls.” Getting one accidentally is one thing, but to go out and get a bunch? And keep them in the same place, where they can all stare at you weirdly from across the room and possibly plot your demise with one another while you sleep? That’s courage, my friend. Or…something.

TikToker @soulmori has amassed quite the array of haunted dolls, poppets, puppets, and other spooky playthings, and entertains her viewers by showing them off and regaling folks with stories about what these things supposedly get up to, in front of her face and behind her back. 


It starts out fine, just a couple of unexpected eye twitches from some old plastic toys. Then she introduces us to Blair, a beat-up babydoll in a frilly white gown covered in innocent-looking eyelets, which is ironic, as Blair herself has no eyes. She “cries at night,” according to this video.

Then there’s the “unknown entity”, a terrifying three-faced china doll, a bizarre design with a happy, crying, and sleeping face meant to help kids with their imaginary play, but destined to only create nightmares. The spirit possessing this abomination has apparently threatened to set the collector’s house on fire. I wonder if such collections require and extra insurance rider?

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Finally, we’ve got a tiny baby doll Mary, who begs to go back to hell, and of course, what haunted doll collection wouldn’t be complete without an Annabelle-style possessed Raggedy Andy doll which must remain locked in its own box for “safety.” Was something untoward happening at the Raggedy Ann & Andy factory in the 1970s?

Be right back, I have to clean out my kids’ rooms.

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