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Haunted Doll Moves Items In House, Controls Other Dolls

And yeah, there are no batteries involved.
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Supposedly haunted dolls have become an entire genre until themselves on TikTok, where creators love to showcase any bizarre grungy, malformed, or otherwise creepy looking toy and claim that it contains a demonic or otherwise mischievous spiritual presence. This person has created an entire TikTok for their recently acquired “haunted doll,” which they have conveniently named Charlotte, despite their wife’s supposed insistence that they “get rid of it.”

Instead of getting rid of it. This person has decided to make the item internet famous by filming a variety of videos featuring the dolls and the odd events that have been happening ever since it was brought into the house. 


In the first video, the doll, which is very dirty and seems to be missing its right eye and eye socket, is set up on a counter while a camera is left running for an indeterminate period of time. At some point, a bread bag and a small card are seen to fly across the room near the doll.

In the second video, the doll is put on the floor, and a battery operate, dancing Cabbage Patch Doll, which is a thing I was not aware existed, is seen dancing maniacally while next to this haunted doll. Curiously, there are no batteries in the batter case at the doll’s back. In a subsequent video, due to questions in the comments, the creator shows that there are no batteries in the doll’s feet, either.

The creator claims that the Cabbage Patch Doll only dances when placed near the haunted doll.

Despite all this, they haven’t gotten rid of the doll. The most recent video, from last week, shows tissues mysteriously being pulled from a tissue box in a room where “Haunted Charlotte” stands.

I’m glad someone’s having fun on TikTok.