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Alabama Cult Survivor Now Keeps A "Haunted" Dog Statue On Her Porch

You, too, can leave its spirit lucky offerings.

Hánnah McCray has already been through quite a lot. After growing up in an extremely restrictive and controlling religious environment, she escaped into another, only to discover it was a cult. Now recovering from these formative experiences, she’s taking a break from all religion and spirituality… or so she thought. Lately, she’s started to have suspicions about the adorable bulldog statue that sits on the porch of her house. When residents of the house began to notice the statue moving from location to location, with no one taking responsibility, they began to joke that it was “haunted.” Then, she began to leave the statue dog treats as an “offering” to keep it in place. This worked (and McCray believed the treats would be eaten by raccoons, stray cats, or other critters to explain their disappearance), although later, if she ever forgot to put out a treat for “Georgie”, terrible luck would befall people in the house.

So she wonders, did she inadvertently invite a canine spirit to set up shop on her porch?


In this video and others, McCray describes what has been going on with the statue, and solicits advice. Readers suggest everything from getting rid of the statue to furnishing it with a more permanent “treat” offering. At last update, she has decided to start an Amazon wish list for the people who want to send permanent “dog treats” for her new house guardian, and accepts that with the strange happenings on her porch and the viral popularity of “Georgie”, she seems to have started a (harmless) cult of her own. 

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