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Paranormal Investigators Explore Haunted Castle

Would you be brave enough to go there?

Paranormal investigators went to Spedlins Tower, a castle built by the Jardine clan of Scotland, to see if the spooky rumors of ghosts and hauntings could be true. The legend says the family built a dungeon beneath the beautiful stone castle and imprisoned a lad known as “Dunty” for the crime of burning down his own mill. In a callous disregard for life, the ruler was called away and forgot about his prisoner - a death sentence since he also brought the key to the dungeons with him on his travels. 

Dunty was said to have tried to eat his own hands and feet before eventually dying of hunger and returning as a spirit to haunt the castle and torment his murderers. The ghostly antics became so severe that the tales say a priest was called in to try and exorcise their home, but was only able to contain the ghost to the dungeon, much as in life.

The film crew are given access to what they claim is the oubliette (or dungeon pit), where prisoners would have been thrown to their death. The owner of the castle did not know if anybody had ever been down there, and relayed to them that it would have been more than thirty years ago, before she was involved in the property. While relaying this information the host finds what looks like a rib bone and pulls it out of the dirt to show the camera. When they emerge from the tiny square hatch in the floor they describe their experience below ground as intense. 

There are many other haunted castles in Scotland for those tourists looking to experience paranormal activity for themselves. 

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