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Someone Gave TikTok a Virtual Tour Of a Haunted Amusement Park and It Is Creepy AF

Yeah I might skip this one…

Some locations have one or two tragedies on their scoresheet, but some are home too many more. For this abandoned lakefront in the wilds of West Virginia, the past is so gruesome that it’s difficult to know which horrifically killed spirits are the ones haunting the place.


Lake Shawnee in West Virginia has been many things over the years. Long ago, it served as an ancient burial ground for the native Shawnee people who called this land their home. When white settlers came, led by farmer Mitchell Clay, it ignited a conflict between the natives and the settlers that resulted in the deaths of three of Clay's fourteen children, one of whom was burned at the stake. Clay retaliated gruesomely, killing many native Americans in revenge.

 By the twentieth century, the land was in possession of a man named Conley Snidow, who opened an amusement park on the property, with a Ferris wheel, swing ride, wooden labyrinths, and other attractions. But after a girl was killed on the swings and a boy drowned in the lake, the park was abandoned in 1966.

In the eighties, an archaeological dig in the area speculated that the grounds might be home to nearly 3,000 human remains from the time it was used for burial. That’s a lot of restless ghosts!

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Now, it is a popular attraction for paranormal investigators, who love to take pictures of the faded clown paintings in the labyrinth, or the vines crawling up the sides of the attractions. Some claim they can see the swings move on their own and can hear the sound of children laughing. Those brave enough can even petition the current owners of the property to spend the night, or leave toy offerings for the children trapped forever in this cursed place.

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