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Astrologer Breaks Down Why Harry Styles’ Chart Is the Worst She’s Ever Seen

Oof, maybe he isn’t a dreamboat after all?

“This is a chart you see in your nightmares,” says TikTok astrologer @talk2tinaa, waving her glass of red wine around in a funny but extraordinarily harsh video.

“Hang up all your fantasies about him, because this is a man who cannot commit. You will be planning your wedding and he will have seven other chicks on the side.”


She proceeds to denigrate Styles, and indeed, all Aquarians, in a long video. But there are a few problems with her reading.

“I don’t really keep up on him, I don’t know if he’s in a relationship,” she admits freely, before insisting that he’s not a relationship kind of person.

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However, Styles has been in a very high-profile relationship with director and actress Olivia Wilde for at least a year and a half. However, this relationship has not been without its detractors, especially since it came hotly on the heels (some even claim that it predated) Wilde’s equally high-profile split from her long-term partner—and the father of her two young children—Jason Sudekis, he of Ted Lasso fame.

Wilde and Styles met on the set of a movie she was directing him in. So maybe this astrologer is right that Styles’s charisma and magnetism are “dangerous.”

Honestly, it’s an awful lot of Aquarius hate going on in this video, and I’m not just saying that because I, too, am a water-bearer. No love lost for air signs in general.

But perhaps the real magic in all of this is how this astrologer got her hands on the exact time and place of Harry Styles’s birth. What’s next, his tax ID?

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