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Long Island Mom Convinced Daughter Has Past Life Connection to Hank Williams Senior

She has some really interesting “proof.”

The interesting thing about reincarnation and past life regressions is that so often, people seem to be convinced that in their past lives, they were someone famous. Cleopatra, or Shakespeare, or Alexander the Great. (Bless General Patton, who only claimed to have been a Roman legionnaire, not, say, Julius Caesar himself.)

This little girl on Long Island has strong feelings about her own reincarnation, and such a detailed story hat she’s sent her mother digging, and coming up with a fascinating theory.


This eight year old has been saying for five years now that she’s the reincarnation of someone from country music royalty. She claims her “papa”, named Hank, was a famous singer, friends with Elvis, etc. Once, when she heard Hank Williams, Sr. singing, she went white and claimed that was her vaunted “Papa.”

Country music fans quickly showed up to explain to her mother that the timelines don’t quite line up. Hank Williams, Sr., though a huge influence on Elvis, died the year before Elvis recorded his first song. And though of course it’s possible that Williams had children the public doesn’t know about, his two recognized kids, Hank Jr. and Jett, are both still alive.

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This story has even more twists: “Papa” can be a term used for a grandfather, and the girl says the last thing she remembers before this lifetime began was being in a car. Hank Williams, Jr., had a daughter who died in 2020 in a car crash. This, of course, would be well after the birth of this little girl, but what are laws of time and space to the travels of a celestial soul?

The mother has no idea where her daughter is getting this information, but she’s not done looking, either. 

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