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Man's Porch Camera Catches Halloween Decor Acting Strangely Alive

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The reason so many people find dolls to be scary is due to a psychological principle that Freud called “the uncanny.” The feeling of the uncanny is the sense of fear, horror, and revulsion that people feel toward things that look very near to being alive, but aren’t. This includes things like mannequins, statues, dolls, and even corpses. You have probably heard the term, “the uncanny valley” in relation to computer animations of human figures, as the revulsive feeling of the uncanny actually increases the closer a humanlike figure gets to looking real without actually being real.

The entire point of scarecrows is that birds are supposed to mistake them for real people, and be frightened by them. This is, exactly, the principal upon which the uncanny operates.


This video was taken by a porch security camera, but I’m sure the residents didn’t expect to catch anything like this. In the video, a little stuffed scarecrow that is part of their Halloween display suddenly sits straight up and begins to swing its legs.


This is not a well-developed TikTok page. It doesn’t have a ton of videos other than this one, and doesn’t match the profile of the usual clout-chasing ghost channels currently racking up viral hits on TikTok.

And that’s what makes this video scarier than most.

Okay, maybe it’s the wind, or maybe there is someone just off screen, deftly pulling strings to give us all a little Halloween scare.

Or maybe there is a reason scarecrows are so very terrifying. They shouldn’t move on their own, but they look like—any moment—they could. And this one did. 

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