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Cameraman Claims This Creature is Half Human and Half Dog

Okay, that is super weird.

At first it seems the strange creature is much too far away to be identifiable as anything, but the camera zooms in and something resembling a human walking on all fours can be seen among some dogs frolicking in a grassy field. It quickly goes behind some foliage, but the cameraman drives around to head the pack off in front. The unidentifiable creature is still quite far away, but lopes along at a swift and comfortable pace on hands and feet that seems incongruent with the awkward difficulty one would expect of an adult human trying the same stunt.  

The camera follows the pack containing the seemingly dog-human hybrid as it easily keeps pace with the trotting dogs alongside it. As it gets closer to the camera one would think it would be easier to identify it as human or dog but it only increases in strangeness the longer one watches.

Some commenters suggest this could be an example of Uner Tan Syndrome, a rare medical condition causing individuals to revert to quadrupedal locomotion. This syndrome is the subject of much criticism because research is predominantly based on a single family of nineteen individuals and is presented in such a way as to be deeply insulting to the family.

Other commenters suggest it may be a feral child, a young individual that grew isolated from human contact resulting in a failure to develop language, social behaviors, and sometimes even bipedal gait. Little is known about the effects of such an isolated upbringing and it is often called the “Forbidden Experiment” because it would be inhumane to force one into such conditions required to study it, leaving the only available sources as a handful of terrible accidents that resulted in the situation occurring without the knowledge of society.

Others, of course, speculate it could be the legendary cryptid dogman, said to be half-human and half-dog. Reports of these strange canine-like hybrid creatures are not as uncommon as one would like, considering some attribute it with violent and vicious tendencies. 

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