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These Magical ‘Fairy Stones’ Are 100% Real

What to do if you're lucky enough to find one.

Have you ever been hiking or rock hunting along a riverbed and found a small stone with a perfect hole bored through it? If so, you are the lucky new owner of a hagstone, also known as a “fairy stone,” a “witch stone,” a “seeing stone,” or a dozen other names across a variety of cultures. And this video tells you how to use it.


The important thing about a hagstone is that the hole it contains be naturally occurring. No drill bit or nailhead bored hole will do. Geologically speak, hagstones are most commonly caused when the fossilized remains of a creature like a sponge or coral is eroded out of the harder rock (usually flint) surrounding it. But their beauty and rarity have made them an important symbol in many different cultures.

In folklore, a hagstone can have many properties. In some cultures, hagstones are viewed as amulets of powerful protection. They are tied to the prows of ships in order to avert disaster, or hung from a threshold, bed, or windowpane to keep out evil spirits. In others, hagstones, believed to have been caused by the path of magical snakes through the rock, are believed to be a cure for snakebite. It is also said that the hole of a hagstone creates a portal into the other world, and that staring through it, especially by the light of the moon, will give you access to things unseen or not of this world.

With so many wonderful properties, isn’t it time to head to the beach or the creek and look for a hagstone of your very own? Happy hunting!

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