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Signs That Your Guardian Angel or Spirit Is Nearby

Have you noticed any of these?
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I think we all could use a guardian angel in our life. A little voice in our ear to warn us of possible missteps and help us out of tough situations. According to this TikTok spiritualist, we do have such guidance around us, and there are certain signs and signals that can indicate when this spiritual presence is close.


Nearby guardian angels might be sending you messages and signs to indicate their presence. How to tell? Keep a lookout for the following clues:

* Seeing white light flash behind your eyes or orbs around you. This is an indication that the angels are present.

* Seeing rainbows (especially on days that there’s no rain). Rainbows are a sign of hope in many religious and cultural traditions, and you can take this as a sign that something you are struggling with is coming to an end.

* Getting the sense of a warm touch or goosebumps might be a sign of their healing presence.

* Detecting particular images or symbols in the clouds might be your guardian angel trying to message you.

* Unexpected scents, such as flowers or delicious food. Is it your neighbor’s garden, pie, or just a sign of a divine being?

* Having ringing in your right ear. (Why not the left? Unclear. Maybe angels only whisper in your right ear. To be honest, this one sounds a lot less pleasant than the rainbows).

* Repeating numbers (get those lotto tickets ready!)

* Vibrantly colored butterflies or birds might also be a message from above.