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Here’s Why Everyone Should Do ‘Grounding’ Work Every Day

It has proven health benefits.

In the world of mental health, “grounding practices” are those that can help a patient suffering with anxiety, PTSD, or other conditions reconnect to reality and soothe themselves by focusing on the present moment. In the engineering world, “grounding” refers to the practice by which excess electricity can be directed into the ground. Combine these two concepts, and you’ve got the metaphysical and Wiccan practice of “grounding” (sometimes known as “earthing”, which maintains that your own body contains these extra electrical charges, and that walking barefoot or lying on the earth can help heal your soul. 


In the video, TikToker Brittany Bento explains the idea. Our ancestors evolved in a state of nature, walking barefoot on the ground, sleeping on the ground, and exchanging energies with the Earth. Nowadays we have pavement, shoes, motorized transport—we’ve lost our connection. The idea of grounding is to bring it back. If you’ve ever gotten a rush of joy from walking barefoot on the beach, it might be from more than the beautiful sights of the sunset and the feel of the sand between your toes. You might be experiencing an energy transfer with Mother Earth.

This isn’t all just woo, either. The process of grounding has had surprising scientific efficacy in several different studies. The studies covered the use of grounding in association with improvement in chronic fatigue, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and even cardiovascular disease. 

Ways that you can practice grounding including walking barefoot in nature or lying on the ground. If you are like me, and live in an apartment in a highly paved city, then try submersing yourself in water. After all, most of the Earth is covered in it!

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