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Woman Goes Ghost Hunting While Grieving and Something Extremely Weird Happened

She seemed pretty taken aback by the experience.

A “skeptical believer” paranormal investigator has joked for years that the “planets have to be aligned” for her to exhibit any psychic abilities. Well, guess what happened last week? The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn aligned in the night sky for the first time in over eighteen years…. And this ghost hunter was suddenly able to see spirits. 


In the video, paranormal investigator Alex Matsuo describes a strange experience she recently had at the Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Still grieving a recent death in her family, Matsuo probably shouldn’t have been out ghost hunting, but she was, and she made a huge discovery.

Late at night, she discovered that sitting in the room with them was a well-dressed man. She could only see him out of the corner of her eye, or when blinking, but he was there with her, in a bedroom of the house. He spoke into her mind without moving his lips, but sometimes answers to her questions would appear on her team’s equipment such as when he told her that his name was Steven. He seemed to find the idea of “ghost hunting” very amusing.

He explained to her that he was himself traveling from Georgia (nothing like a little ghost tourism), and was interested in visiting Gettysburg bc of his ancestors, who fought on the “wrong side” of the war. 

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Matsuo says the only other time she’s experienced anything like that was during a hospital stay (she even wrote a book about the experience) and that it must take trauma (or the planetary alignments) to awaken her psychic side. 

Nice trick, but I don't think I like the price. 

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