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Son Sweetly Pretends to Be Grandmom’s Ghost to Comfort Mom

Whatever helps!

The loss of a loved one is devastating, and this woman asked her dying mother to please return to haunt them if it was an option because the thought of separating was just too much for her. Her mother agreed enthusiastically, also not wanting to be parted from her family. She smiles with that particular look of heartwarming sweetness combined with sorrow as she shows the lights of her kitchen flickering on and off.  

The woman discovered that her own children were able to sense when she was feeling the loss especially hard and were sneaking into the other room to have Alexa flicker the lights, hoping the “ghost” of their grandmother would bring comfort to their own grieving mom. This sweet practical joke has some commenters believing her spirit did figure out how to return and manifest her calming presence - by way of somehow communicating with the little children and causing them to want to go play with the lights.

This isn’t the first family to make a pact to return from the afterlife, with one of the most famous examples being master magician Harry Houdini himself. Houdini and his wife promised to do everything they could to contact each other after death, and his wife did make attempts for many years following his tragic death on Halloween. She held many seances and offered a large monetary reward to anybody who could deliver her departed husband’s secret coded message to her.  

At least one message from a psychic medium was considered plausible, but eventually Mrs. Houdini withdrew support and agreed it was probably also a fake message.

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