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Dashcam Captures Grey Alien Creature Nearly Being Run Over

Try not to accidentally run over first contact.

This driver didn’t even have time to swerve before a bipedal creature ran full speed across the street, narrowly avoiding being hit by a car that didn’t even have time to smash the brakes. The humanoid creature tearing across the road has human proportions except for a large head clearly resembling descriptions of grey aliens. The figure also has a distinctly grayish cast to a body that appears to be fully naked.  

Logically, this could be a human darting in front of a vehicle but upon first sight the brain doesn’t go “oh, naked human” but instead shrieks “alien!” There is also no particular reason a human would risk such serious injury for a prank, nor is there any apparent signs of habitation on the sides of the road, as it appears to have fields on both sides.

Footage such as this has been garnering more attention since the recent declassification and release of government data being collected on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that has left the public convinced aliens are out there and we just aren’t being told about them. Many even believe the government declassifications are because of public footage turning up all too frequently now that everybody has a camera in their pocket and on their doorbells, and the truth is being rolled out slowly because government officials believe they won’t be able to contain the secrets much longer.  

These demands for transparency aren’t limited to public outcry, as even elected officials such as congressmen have begun to state their belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials. Hopefully with further encouragement more members of our government will work to share this information with citizens. 

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