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Green Glowing UFOs Spotted In Round Rock, TX

Look at them move!

A recent sighting of strange green lights in the sky baffled residents of Round Rock, Texas, a community near Austin. Though locals took to social media and television newscasters attempted to harness expert opinions, no one is quite sure what these objects were. Their behavior is not in keeping with either laser lights or unmanned flying craft (i.e., drones). Some say that it might be a UFO.


In the video, a man is filing a series of five lights arranged in a wedge shape that are floating above his head when suddenly, w without warning, they zip off so fast that they become invisible.

At first, people thought he might be looking at lasers or spotlight beams shone into the sky (think of the Bat Signal). But there is not a thick or solid cloud cover for these lights to reflect off of, so that explanation is unlikely.

Another possibility is that these are a set of drones being trained to fly in a so-called swarm, as the popularity of drone-based light shows rise in number. However, the object, whatever it was, was totally silent, without hte telltale buzz of a drones engines or rotors, and the FAA requires wavers for drones to fly at night, especially in swarm formation.

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"I've never believed in UFO's or anything like that, but I mean, I might, I might now. I don't know, I'm not sure," the man who took this video, Gus McGiven, told the television station Fox 7 in Austin.

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