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People Think This Gravestone Has a Peephole In It

Every tombstone tells a story.

Gravestones can often hold secrets to the lives and deaths of the people they commemorate. For instance, if you happen upon an old gravestone listing the death dates of several children in a family in a short period of time, it indicates an outbreak of a quick-killing disease, such as diphtheria. Some gravestones display the interests or hobbies of the person they memorialize. Others are placed strategically near (or far!) from a grave of people that the person memorialized was connected to in life

And some may tell a more tragic tale than that, as is possible with this old grave in New England.


In the video, which films a gravestone belonging to a Louisa W. Aldrich, a small peephole can be seen. If you look through the peephole, you can see another, tiny gravestone nearby, perfectly framed. This one is marked “baby.” The maker of this video thought perhaps the framing and placement was supposed to indicate that the tiny grave belonged to Aldrich’s dead child.

The truth, alas, is probably more prosaic. It is common for gravestones to have inlaid portrays in them, often painted on porcelain. Rather than a “peephole” feature, it’s likely that this grave features one of these portraits, which was either pried out by grave robbers or lost to time.

But that does not mean that the nearby grave does not belong to this young woman’s baby. In fact, given that she died so young, there is a tragedy in this story, no matter what the details are.