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Woman Visiting Her Poppy’s Grave Gets Unmistakable Sign That He “Hears” Her

What a beautiful moment.

It’s a comforting thought, that those who have passed before us can visit us or send us messages from time to time. Many believe that messages from beyond come in the form of animal spirits, a tradition that has roots in a wide variety of cultures and belief systems. This woman, visiting her grandfather’s grave, received one of the strongest visitations I’ve ever seen.


While visiting the grave of her grandfather, Gary Leon White, and sharing with him her love of animals, which was so similar to her own, she was joined quite suddenly by a tiny fawn.

I personally had no idea that fawn could make noises like the one this creature made, but the woman did not seem the least bit surprised.

She responded to its greeting, and since it appeared to be quite alone (and not settled down somewhere to wait for its mother, as most fawns are during the day), she decided to look for the deer it belongs to. The fawn obediently trotted alongside her as she returned to the woods to search.

Luckily, mother and baby deer were quickly reunited. The woman knew it was the baby’s mother as the fawn stayed right next to her until it saw the deer, then ran right back to its real mom.

The woman is quite certain the entire incident was a message from her grandfather. She had been telling him all about her work in wildlife rescue, and just at that moment, he sent her a fawn that was in need of some rescuing.