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Granny Shares What She Think It’ll Be Like When She Dies and It’s Heartbreakingly Beautiful

She has one person she wants to see...

There are many different theories of the afterlife, and an infinite number of hopes and dreams about what it might entail. Peace, heaven, a closer union with God, a understanding about the nature of the universe, or even just the chance of reincarnation and one more spin on the big blue ball. This elderly woman has her own ideas about what is going to happen in the great beyond, and they’re beautiful to hear. Grab your tissues and listen up.


In this video, “mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother to 19” Torchy Swinson spins a glorious yarn about what happens to us after we die. In her vision, we all get on a bus, filled with people of all ages, young and old. When the bus arrives at its destination, no one pushes or hurries, as they’ve got eternity. She stands up at her turn, finally free of aches and pains, and disembarks.

There, waiting for her outside the bus is a familiar figure. He’s wearing his Levis with the hems rolled, a white T-shirt, and his “signature yellow socks” with penny loafers. She recognizes him at once. Her own outfit transforms—no longer an old lady dress and orthopedic shoes, she’s now in a girlish poodle skirt, saddle Oxford shoes and bobby socks, with her hair tied up in a bouncy ponytail.

And then she falls into this gentleman’s arms, finally home.

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That does indeed sound like heaven. In the comments, viewers agree. “I lost my grandmother tonight and this comforted me,” one admits. “Your soul is so gentle, thanks for sharing,” says another. “I come to your page when I need comfort,” claims a third.

Because everyone needs a kind elder who knows how to tell a tale. 

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