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Woman Received Package From Grandmom Who’s Been Dead for 2 Years

Apparently the USPS has a heavenly route.

Losing a loved one is difficult, no matter what the circumstances, and what your belief system. It comes as a great comfort to people to feel like the person they lost is still out there somewhere, and what’s more, can send them meaningful signs and symbols to let them know that although bodies die, souls never do. Some people believe that their loved ones visit them in dreams, or during holidays to honor ancestors. Others see their dear departed in particular animals, sounds, or even thunderstorms.

This grandmother seems to have gone a step further: she’s sending her descendants packages from the great beyond!

“I just got a package in the mail from my grandma,” reports TikToker Jen Hamilton. “That would not be strange, except my grandmother passed away two years ago.”

Inside the package was a blown up photograph of her grandparents (both of whom have passed on), and a money order. No note. The package had a return address sticker from her grandmother’s personal stationery.

The craziest part about this story is that the date on the package was her birthday this year. Was it a package that had been lost in the mail, and supernaturally managed to make it after all on her birthday? Or was there an arrangement made before the woman’s death to send her granddaughter one last gift? In comments, people who work in probate are pointing out that due to COVID, it is often taking a long time for proper disbursements to be made, though why this gift is not coming with a note from the executor is quite odd.

Maybe it’s just a missive from the “ghost office.”

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