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Woman's Wind-Up Clock Mysteriously Starts Working On Its Own

She hasn't wound it since March!

Clocks are strange, magical objects. In fairy tales, the chime of a clock can break a spell. In popular television shows like Stranger Things, they can be the harbinger of a gruesome death. Some even believe that one can only do magic when clock hands aren’t “rising” and others think that even digital clocks contain supernatural messages, and are trying to tell you something when you notice repeating numbers on their faces.

This reddit user isn’t sure what message their antique clock is trying to send, or why it is that it continues to work perfectly, without being wound.


In this post on reddit’s Glitch_in_the_Matrix forum, one user tells the story of their partner’s family mantel clock, which they have been keeping dutifully serviced, cleaned, and wound for several years. The clock was once the property of their partner’s father, but they took it into their home five years earlier, after the father passed away.

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Despite being fifty years old, the poster keeps it in excellent condition, and it only “loses” a few minutes per day…. that is, until Daylight Savings Time began this past March. Since then, the clock hasn’t needed to be wound once, and works perfectly, in seemingly perpetual motion!

The poster goes on to clarify that the only people in the house are themselves, their partner, and their partner’s bedridden mother, who is unfortunately suffering from cancer. The mother moved in about four months before the “change” occurred with the clock, so they have ruled out the idea that the spirit of the father is keeping watch over the mom (and the clock). They have made marks on the casing to try and see signs of it winding down (negative so far) and have even set up motion activated cameras near the clock in case this is all some elaborate prank.

But for right now, it’s just another glitch in the matrix. 

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