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Goth Grandmas Absolutely Nailed the “Wednesday” Dance

Are they accepting grandchildren applications or…?

A less than three minute dance clip became the iconic defining scene from the new series Wednesday by Netflix, featuring the beloved daughter of the Addams Family and some adorable gothy grandmothers show the kids there’s no age limit on TikTok dances.  

The stilted, severe, and intense movements of Wednesday’s purposeful and choreographed performance at a school dance unleashed a universal appreciation for the unapologetically weird within all of us. Notably, the original scene featured the song Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps, perhaps hoping to revive another 80s song as Stranger Things did for Running Up That Hill. TikTok users had something else in mind.

Mutual agreement can alter reality, and TikTokers decided Wednesday’s dance song was a hyped up remix of Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary, regardless of how Netflix feels about that. This strange societal agreement has rocketed a song from the last decade that has nothing to do with the series to the radio charts for the first time.

Witches dancing under the moon has long been rumored to cast powerful spells, could this phenomenon be caused by teenage witches around the world changing reality? Could overwhelming demand cause Netflix to update the episode with a Lady Gaga version? Even Gaga herself is on board and did her own Wednesday's dance to her remixed song.

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