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Jane Goodall, of All People, Is Open to the Possibility of Bigfoot

Talk about an expert opinion!
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“There are more things in Heaven and Earth,” says Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet to his friend Horatio, “than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I always think of that line when the topic of cryptids arises. Cryptids are animals of legend—creatures that people and stories claim exist, but have not been “proven” to do so in scientific circles. Yet.

The fun thing about cryptids is that we learn new things about new species all the time. When I was a child, giant squids were the stuff of mythology. Now we know they are all too real. As much as we like to think we’ve mapped out the shape of our world, there are far more things on Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies. And even famous biologists think so.

In this clip, famed primate zoologist Jane Goodall says she hasn’t closed the door on the possibility that Bigfoot-like creatures exist. She shares a story of being in the wilds of Ecuador, and discussing the topic with those who travel through the jungle from village to village. She says they all claim to have seen the “giant walking monkey with no tail,” and their description of this massive creature is very similar to what other witnesses of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or other “hairy ape men” cryptids claim to have seen as well.

I’m intrigued by the idea that such a renowned scientist isn’t saying no. Please note: she’s not saying yes, either. But she isn’t yet sure, and if that possibility is good enough for Goodall, then it’s A-OK by me.

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