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Goat Behaving Strangely Prompts Belief It May Be a Skinwalker

The problem with this is that all goats are weird.

Could this be a skinwalker disguising itself as a goat? A clip of a woman opening her front door to find a goat standing there has gone viral and prompted the internet to speculate this might only look like a goat because of how strangely it acts. When she opens her door she is surprised to find a goat standing there, but greets it with a friendly “hello” anyway. The goat stares at her for a second with a strangely blank look before confidently stepping forward like it invited itself into her home. She quickly shuts the door saying “it wants to come in” and then looks out the window to see the goat staring in at her through the window with that same vacant expression.  

Many believe the goat is trying to stare into her soul, a trick skinwalkers are said to do to gain the ability to steal someone’s face and walk freely with a stolen appearance. This belief is furthered by the lack of apparent ears on the goat, giving it a strange and otherworldly feeling reminiscent of a Not-Deer. Another strange inconsistency is the pupils of the goat’s eyes which are big and round, unlike the notable rectangular pupils situated horizontally that goats are known for having.  

Legends of skinwalkers trace back to Native American tales of medicine men turned evil, committing ritual acts of terribleness to gain the ability to shape shift. It is said they can hypnotize their prey with their gaze alone and if you are unlucky enough to lock eyes with one it will then be able to steal your face. 

We don’t know what’s going on here, but not letting this creature in was probably the right decision.

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