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The Vines on This Tree Seem to Be Glowing and Sparkling

It's like we walked onto the set of Avatar.
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Every year we are learning more about the power of plants to communicate with each other — not through speech but via their own chemical release system, not to mention their roots and the fungal mycelium networks that run throughout the soil. Researchers now know that there is indeed a sophisticated system of communication between members of the plant and fungi kingdoms. Scientists and musicians have even attached devices to plants and mushrooms, measuring their energetic output and sometimes setting it to music.

But is it possible to see this energy and communication? In this unsettling video, a person seems to be recording the vines on a tree pulsing with energy and light. But what is really going on?

In the video, there is a sparkling, glowing line that seems to wrap up and around the tree, flashing like a strong of Christmas lights.

Is it CGI? Are the vines trying to send a message?

Nah. It’s just a trick of the light. As several viewers of this mysterious video pointed out, what we’re seeing is actually a spiderweb catching the dappled sunlight through the leaves. Due to the angle of the video it appears to be part of the vines around the tree, but if you look closely, you can see that this spiderweb extends into the lower left portion of the frame, where it is also flashing, far away from the tree.

It doesn’t make the magic of mycelium networks any less cool, but you can’t really see the work with your bare eyes.

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